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4x4 mechanix september 1996

The Forgotten Thoroughbred

Here's a cool article from the September 1996 4x4 Mechanix Magazine.
wristed radius arm

Wristed Arm

So you have finished your Dana 44 SAS. Now it's time to make it flex. Follow along as I build my first wristed radius arm.
Custom 35 Spline Dana 60 with ARB air locker

Dana 60 Gear Setup & ARB Install

Can you setup gears and install lockers yourself? You bet! Here's a real world look at what's involved in setting up dana 60 gears and an ARB air locker.
302 5.0L V8 Conversion

302 Conversion

There's no replacement for displacement! Join me as I drop a 302 V8 in my Bronco II in 10 days.
Inside a full floating rear Dana 60

Dana 60 Teardown

One mans junk is another mans gold. Let's have a look inside my free dana 60.
dana 44 solid axle conversion

Dana 44 Solid Axle Swap

If I knew then what I know now....Ditch that TTB in favor a Dana 44 solid axle. This is what takes bring your Bronco II to life offroad.
Hi-Lift 101, One of the many uses of a Hi-Lift Jack

Hi-Lift 101

Ever broke a valve stem while out wheelin? You will.... Here's how to replace that valve stem using your hi-lift jack. I hope you have on-board air!
Ford Taurus 2 speed electric fan

Taurus 2 Speed Electric Fan

Here's a fan that will blow the aftermarket competition away. Here are some dimensions and part numbers of the popular ford taurus 2 speed electric fan.
Convert your A/C compressor to on-board air

On-Board Air I

One of my favorite mods is my on-board air compressor. I converted my stock A/C pump into an air compressor. Here's how.
comparison pictures of Dana 44 knuckles

Early Bronco vs. Chevy Knuckles

Some comparison pictures of early bronco and chevy flat top knuckles. Take note of the higher steering arm on the bronco knuckle.
Bronco II chop top Ford Ranger Tailgate

Ranger Tailgate

After I chopped the top off my Bronco II, I cut down a plastic bed liner, and added a tailgate from a ford ranger.
Real 4x4's have round headlights

Early Bronco Grill

What was ford thinkig, putting a plastic grill on a bronco? And square headlights at that! I fixed that problem by using a grill from an early bronco. Much better!
Comparison photo's of Dana 20 and Dana 21 transfer cases and adapters

Dana 20 vs Dana 21

I looked into using the OEM NP435 to dana 21 adapter to mate my dana 20 to my NP435. It's been done but I opted for the advanced adapters unit. Here are few comparison pictures.
My .02 on some tires and siping. Keep the change.

4x4 Tires

My evaluation of some of the various offroad tires out there such as super swampers and buckshot mudders.

Reader Submissions

Naked Ducks converts his Bronco II to 4wd

2wd-4wd Transfer case conversion

Naked Ducks submitted this article on how he converted his Bronco II from 2wd to 4wd.
DBrowns 4.0L swap into his bronco II

Bronco II 4.0L Conversion

DBrown swaps out his 2.9L in favor of a 4.0L.