Hi-Lift 101


Hi-Lift 101
How to fix a broken valve stem on the trail

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Step1: Break a valve stem. I stopped to wait for someone and heard a slight hissing. I thought it was a stick in the bead until I started messing with the valve stem and it broke off in my hand.
Step 2: Make note to self to switch to rubber valve stems. After years of wheeling with metal valve stems with no problems, I've broken one on each of my last 2 wheelin trips.
Step 3: Jack up truck. Don't forget to loosen the lugnuts first. Normally the locker holds the tire still for me, but not this time.
Step 4: Put on your spare. If you don't have a spare, find a log or something to put under the axle. Ideally we all have a spare that's the same as the rest I don't, and lockers don't like different size tires.
Step 5: Position Hi-Lift and tire as shown. Put the base of the jack at the valve stem. Apply a little pressure to the bead, and then use a hammer to get the base of the jack under the lip of the wheel a bit.
Step 6 : Start Jacking. Pay attention here so you don't  break your wheel. This can be a pain with some tires if your truck isn't heavy enough. A little lube always helps too.
Step 7: Remove broken valve stem. Once the bead breaks, leave it how it is so you have room to work with the valve stem.
Step 8: Install new valve stem. You carry spares right?? Rubber of course. Now is also a good time to clean all the sticks and crap out of the bead.
Step 9: Air up tire. You have air right?? It helps to remove the valve core. I couldn't find my core tool, but with 33x12.50's on a 15x7 wheel I didn't have many problems. Air up to 35 psi to make sure the tire seated properly.
Step 10: Remove Spare.
Step 11: Put the tire back on. Don't forget to tighten those lugnuts.
Step12: Pick up trash. This whole process took me at most a half hour, including taking the pictures. Don't forget to air it back down, and please pick up your trash before you leave.
Step 13: Drive over first big rock you see.
Step 14: Go have some more fun. The people I was waiting for never showed, so I went wheelin some more without em.