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elbe bronco 2 mud hole
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    The taconeck adventure
800 miles, no tow rigs, beat up, rusty trail rigs, one epic adventure Stay tuned for more Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
    Weak AC Blower
I've got an 89 B2 with dealer installed AC that I converted from R12 to R134. I also replaced the blower fan; however, even though it blows 35-39 degrees F, I don't get a lot of air volume from the vents, so my truck never cools down inside (granted, I live in HOT Phoenix). Is this common? I wonder if my expectations are off comparing it to the volume/quality of air from our 2007 Pilot. Could the blower assembly/vent feeder tubes behind the das...
    Starting problems any advice is greatly appreciate...
please!!!! I have a 1988 ford bronco 2 XLT, I purchased it for fairly cheap cause of damage to the windshield, however a couple days went buy and it wouldn't start. I've owned one of these in the past and was somewhat familiar with certain issues. When I turned the key the starter would hit the flywheel it would just soon. So I got a warranty on the starter cause the previous owner purchased one a couple months back it was remanufactured. While a...
    Transfer case question - Borg-Warner 13-54
I have a transfer case which I believe is based on the Borg-Warner 13-54 transfer case (see pictures) From my research I believe the Borg-Warner 13-54 transfer case was used from 1983 to 1995 on the Bronco II. What I want to know is if they ever made a top mode fork in metal and not plastic? Are there any metal forks that are compatible with the 13-54 transfer case? I know the pre 1993 13-56 transfer case has a metal mode fork, but will this...
Hey guys! I have an 89 Bronco II. I bought this lil thing for $500 the guys I bought it from painted it with house pain I'm in the middle of restoring it. I am looking for a headliner board I live in Las Vegas and there is only 1 other Bronco II here in town that I have seen. So it's pretty rare for them to be here in guessing. Could you guys direct me in the right area on where I can get it? Thanks in advance Sent from my iPhone using Tapatal...
    1984 b2 ac system
My b2 came with ac but it was stripped of much of it including wiring. Only thing they left is the black housing on passenger side firewall. At my local junk yard there is a b2 with ac. Im trying to pull all the parts off I need. How in the devil do I remove that black housing on firewall? I see a few long bolts with nuts holding it. Just remove them? How much of the wiring should I get? This will be my first attempt to build a ac system.

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