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Snow Wheeling - January 2012
12:33 min | 10,303 views

http://www.snowtrek.org The snow level finally came down low enough to make a snow wheeling run up the Boardman Lake road. Unfortunately the cold weather didn't hold, and we got some heavy rain the night before. The result was 4+ feet of slush that turned to water as we drove on it. We stopped along the way to repair a flat tire and dig out a toyota that was stuck up there. The owner was able to get it the next day. Took a short snowshoe walk into Lake Evan and snapped a quick panorama. Overall it was another fun snow wheeling trip, even if the conditions weren't the best. This video was filmed with a GoPro Hero2 at 720p.

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    Bronco wonít start
Desperate need of help. I have a 88 model Bronco ii. I hit a rut on a trail a little faster than I should have and it cut off on me. It will not start back up at all and Iím clueless. I changed both fuel pumps, the fuel regulator, the icm, the fuel relay, and the green relay. It has good pressure and it has fire to the plugs. Iím lost and donít want to spend a arm and a leg for someone else to fix it!!!!
    My new old 85
92,000 original miles! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    my first project vehicle (86 Bronco ii xlt)
just picked up my 86 bronco xlt with the 2.9l v6. Not sure what the plan is for it yet but ive always loved these little trucks since it was the first vehicle i ever owned.
    Broken rear shock mount r.h. 89 B2
Greetings All ! I am looking for a new shock mount, & all I see is Ranger mounts. Is the ranger the same ?...I suspect Not. Thanks, Jimmy I took the mount off the frame today, it has 4 rivets, those Ranger mounts look like they use 3 rivets.
    New driveshafts after 4" lift?
Brand new to the Forum. I have a 1986 B2. I just ordered a rough country 4" lift and I was wondering if ill need to modify or replace the driveshafts after install. Is there anything that ill need that the lift doesn't come with? other than extended brake lines of course.
    question on rollcage?
Im hoping that i will get time this summer to atleast start work on the roll cage for my bronco II but im in the process of figuring what material i want to use? id i was thinking of 1/4 inch 2"by 2" square tube or some sort of chro molly tube that was 1/8"thick idk what to go with i mean it's for mudding and i don't plan on high speed wrecks/rollovers?

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