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Topielec Offroad - Squszewskie Komarki 2013 - II Runda PLP
10:49 min | 2,477 views

Squszewskie Komarki 2013 - II Runda PLP Impreza odbyła się na terenie Wyszkowa i Długosiodła w dniach 8-9 czerwca WYNIKI : ( przy równej ilości punktów decydował czas na OS Voo Doo) TURYSTYK PL T : 1. Łukasz Ignatczyk/Daniel Potocki -- Suzuki Samurai 69 2. Andrzej Tarnowski/Robert Szubert -- Nissan Patrol 69 ( + 2,12) 3. Dariusz Federowicz/Adam Kurowski- Suzuki Samurai 69 ( +1,01) 4. Dariusz Grabarski/Ignacy Karpiuk/Krzysztof Kondrusik -- Nissan Patrol K260 66 5. Tomasz Bojanowicz/Marta Bojanowicz/Robert Pamięta- Nissan Patrol 64 6. Kuba Bańkowski/Marek Osiński/Maciej Sawicki/Paweł Szeląg- Jeep XJ 64 ( + 1,43) 7. Wojciech Walkowski/Tomasz Kubała- Nissan Terrano 62 8. Robert Krupa/Marek Kozłowski -- Jeep CJ 59 9. Andrzej Ponomarczuk/Łukasz Bereda -- Daihatsu Rocky 58 10. Damian Wasiak/Tomasz Ziemański- Suzuki Samurai 53 11. Grzegorz Urbanek/Kasia Krawczyk Urbanek/Marcin Szymańczyk- Land Rover Discovery 44 12. Artur Kaczorowski/Jadwiga Kaczorowska- Toyota LC120 44 ( +1,13) 13. Jarosław Matwiejuk/Andrzej Matwiejuk/Wojciech Wlazło -- Nissan Patrol 42 14. Michał Wotliński/Tomasz Wotliński -- Toyota LC90 25 15. Piotr Kotecki/Monika Kotecka- Land Rover Discovery 12 16. Michał Taniewski/Maciej Taniewski- Nissan Patrol 9 17. Krzysztof Struzik/Anna Struzik -- Mitsubishi Pajero 7 QUADY PL Q 1. Marcin Porębski -- Honda Rincon 91 2. Wojciech Mejer- Yamaha Gryzzli 91 (+ 0,001) 3. Krzysztof Grabowski- Polaris 75 EKSTREM PL 2 : 1. Mariusz Terpiłowski/Mieszko Kryński- Suzuki Rurka 91 2. Michał Wojciechowski/Marek Soboń/Krzysztof Pawlak-Suzuki Kogielmogiel 91(+6,37) 3. Roman Terlikowski/Piotr Karłowicz/Kacper Terlikowski- Nissan Patrol 85 4. Roman Muzyka/Sylwia Zarychta- Suzuki Vitara 73 5. Arkadiusz Pyśk/Mariusz Pyśk- Nissan Patrol 55 6. Krzysztof Stolarczyk/Adam Damaziak- Suzuki Samurai 44 7. Janusz Głowacki/Marcin Dopierała- Jeep Cherokee 33 8. Wiesław Zakrzewski/Maciej Kosecki- Suzuki Samurai 27 EKSTREM PL 3 : 1. Ignacy Lenkiewicz/Marek Gutowski- Nissan Gucio- 91 2. Marcin Małolepszy/Łukasz Kożuchowski -- Grat Małysz 89 3. Jarosław Grochowski/Krzysztof Wysocki- Nissan Kubuś-88 4. Jarosław Andrzejewski/Maciej Łągiewczyk- Grat Rumburak 85 5. Adam Babkiewicz/Jacek Majchrzak- Suzuki Pszczoła 76 6. Wojciech Poręba/Patryk Poręba- Suzuki Rewop- 69 7. Marcin Ślęzak/Krzysztof Zaraś- Suzuki MudMax- 63 8. Dariusz Olszewski/Tomasz Cichocki/Robert Dudek- Suzuki Stang 62 9. Konrad Kujawski/Paweł Pepłoński- Suzuki Tweety- 9 10. Sławomir Pyliński/Krzysztof Dębczak -- Mercedes G- 6 11. Wacław Otręba/Piotr Gromek- Suzuki Samurai-5 FAIR PLAY : Wojciech Poręba/Patryk Poręba

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    Exhaust manifold
How difficult is it to remove the passenger side exhaust manifold and what is the best way of doing it with out breaking bolts Sent from my 5054N using Tapatalk
    89 bronco II
I have a bronco that will start off running like a champ for about 4 miles then even though foot still on gas peddle it starts to loose power backing off from 60mph to about 35, no matter how floored I have it, it will not increase in speed. New ignition module, distributer, cap and rotor wires, plugs, throttle body sensor, map sensor, heat sensor, air flow sensor, doesn't have an Egr valve, new gas tank, fuel pump, fuel filter, relays(fuel pum...
    1987 Bronco 2 2.9 V6 wants to stall, burps, fuel p...
Hi guys, Was driving with the Bronco and suddenly started to burp on the verge of stalling. Especially when i gear up. I have all the spark plugs and cap/rotor checked so the mechanic said it was on the fuel path. The fuel filter was clogged and the pump under the driver's seat was whiny so i decided to change it. Now it still does it a little bit and the new pump is still whiny. Could it be the tank fuel pump? I do long distances and i don't w...
    Weak AC Blower
I've got an 89 B2 with dealer installed AC that I converted from R12 to R134. I also replaced the blower fan; however, even though it blows 35-39 degrees F, I don't get a lot of air volume from the vents, so my truck never cools down inside (granted, I live in HOT Phoenix). Is this common? I wonder if my expectations are off comparing it to the volume/quality of air from our 2007 Pilot. Could the blower assembly/vent feeder tubes behind the das...
    The taconeck adventure
800 miles, no tow rigs, beat up, rusty trail rigs, one epic adventure Stay tuned for more Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
    Starting problems any advice is greatly appreciate...
please!!!! I have a 1988 ford bronco 2 XLT, I purchased it for fairly cheap cause of damage to the windshield, however a couple days went buy and it wouldn't start. I've owned one of these in the past and was somewhat familiar with certain issues. When I turned the key the starter would hit the flywheel it would just soon. So I got a warranty on the starter cause the previous owner purchased one a couple months back it was remanufactured. While a...

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