Dana 60 Teardown


Axle : Rear Dana 60 Full Floater
Year: 1980
Width: 63.5" wms-wms
Gear Ratio: 4.10:1
Donor Vehicle: F-250 2wd (?)
Date: January 17, 2003

This is what a Full Floater axle looks like. The axle shaft does not have to support the weight of the vehicle, and can be easily removed with the wheel still on the vehicle.
Uhhh ohhhh. It could be worse................ right?
Looks like I'll be needing some bearings.
First things first, pull the axle shafts. Otherwise you can't pull the carrier. That was easy!
Next it's time to pull the carrier. Make sure the bearing caps are marked. Typically this is done from the factory. If not, mark them.
Doesn't hurt to keep the bolts in the same place.
Next, pop the carrier out like so..........
Pay attention to how much effort is required to pull the carrier. This will give you an idea of how much preload should be on the carrier bearings. May need to use a pry-bar on the other side at the same time. Make sure to pull the carrier out straight, otherwise it just jams.
Remove the pinion yoke and pull the pinion. The yoke on this axle was already removed. I use a large (3ft) pipe wrench to hold the yoke  while I remove the nut. Tap the yoke off and pull the pinion.
Notice the shims between the outer pinion bearing and pinion. These are your pinion bearing pre-load shims.
Get yourself a Brass drift and make sure you have a nice square end on it. Do NOT use a bench grinder to touch up the drift. It will throw the grinding wheels off balance and they could explode! Instead use a hacksaw and cut the end off
Using the brass drift, drive the pinion seal out by tapping firmly on the pinion bearing. Typically you won't be re-using the bearings, but this really doesn't hurt anything if you're careful. Don't worry about bending up those metal do-dads, we won't be using them in the future.
Using the same technique, drive the inner pinion bearing race out
Again, make sure you catch the junk when it pops out.
Take note of the shims behind the the inner pinion bearing race. Adding and removing these is the biggest part of gear setup. Be prepared to do it over and over and over.
Drive out the outer pinion bearing race the same way as the others. That's it, you've successfully torn down a Dana 60.
This dana 60 has equal length axle shafts. Notice how the pinion is NOT centered.