Tire Review & Siping Info


Sipe 'em

I can't say enough about siping. The traction gains are awesome, and it prolongs tire life. Click the picture to see more info. I scanned a flyer from a local Discount tire store.


 Super Swampers Radial

    I am currently running 33x12.50 R15 Super Swamper Radials. I'm on my second set, and I'm planning on a third set. These tires Kick Ass!

    Super Swamper Bias Ply

    My spare is a 32x9.50 15 Super Swamper Bias Ply.  This tire has earned it's reputation, but I prefer a radial. The bias ply tires don't air down as well, and generally don't do very well in the snow.


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Click the picture to learn more about real Buckshots and Fake ones

     This is another tire I was quite pleased with. I have run 2 sets. Unfortunately, due to cost, I'll never buy another set. They have a super soft rubber compound and run awesome at low tire pressure. I like the way they are drilled for studs. They are an outstanding choice for snow. Only draw back is the weak sidewalls. Make sure you get a road hazard warranty.