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Day 3 -- Sunday
Dropped the engine back in. Hooked up some of the accessories.  
Put on transfer case
Made first failed attempt at getting the clutch to work. For the clutch I am using the stock Master cylinder and a slave cylinder from a 1975 toyota landcruiser.
Adapting the line was very simple. I just cut the slave end off and used a compression fitting that changes to pipe threads....which screws into the slave.
For the bracket I used a piece of angle iron. This configuration did not have enough throw to disenguage the clutch.
I also discovered that I had a clearance issue with the starter and the passenger side header. I called kaufmann, and they said it was due to the transmission I was using. Also the older starters are somewhat larger. They recommended I get a starter for a later model truck. The best solution would be to get a mini-starter. They were somewhat expensive though.
That's day three. I was a bit bummed that it wasn't on the road. Maybe tomorrow...... Not.  
Didn't seem like I got much done. Most of my time was spent thinking..... 3 days into it, I was begining to wonder if i could finish in time.....I didn't have time for problems, and I already had a starter clearance and clutch problem....grrrrrrr....