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DAY 10 --- Sunday, Fathers day 2001
Fabbed a couple mounts for the tranny crossmember to rest on. Buttoned up a few things and went for my first drive!!!!  

1 year later, I haven't looked back. Haven't had any problems what so ever! For those that say a V8 isn't reliable.... Whatever........
I still had to do the exhaust, heater box, and hook up an electric fan, but that was all little stuff. I was able to drive to school on Monday.
I love my engine and transmission. I have 100% more control offroad. No more smoking the clutch or killing the 2.8L every two feet. My gas milage is BETTER.. not by much, but I also don't have overdrive anymore. I can easily keep up with traffic UPHILL, and it's straight up a kick in the ass to drive!  
Parts are CHEAP! Transmissions and transfer cases can easily be had for $100. Compare that to the $1200 rebuild on my old 5 speed. 302's are a dime a dozen... If it blows up...big deal.
Too heavy you say.....yeah whatever. Go ahead do the 4.0L swap.

So now you've seen what it takes to drop in a 302. I didn't go into great detail on how to do stuff, but I think I covered everthing that needs to be done.  
It really wasn't that difficult. When I do it again, I think I can do it in 5 days. Yep that's right. But hopefully I will be able to take my time and make it look somewhat factory. NEXT YEAR!
So what are you reading this crap for??? Get your ass in the garage and put a real engine in your bronco II's !!!