My 1984 Bronco II

My Bronco II 302 V8, NP435, Dana 20, Dana 44 SAS Lockright , Dana 60 ARB, 4.56:1, 36x12.50R15 Super Swamper Radials, On-Board Air, Chop Top, Hydroboost

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302 V8
302 Conversion

There's no replacement for displacement! Join me as I drop a 302 V8 in my Bronco II in 10 days.
Custom Dana 60
Dana 60 Gear Setup & ARB Install

Can you setup gears and install lockers yourself? You bet! Here's a real world look at what's involved in setting up dana 60 gears and an ARB air locker

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On The Trail

Hangover Run 2009
Hangover Run 2009
I bring in every New Year wheelin in the snow. The snow was crazy deep. We didn't even make it half way up the mountain, much less the play area up top! Unfortunately the snow level was rising faster than we were, so we were stuck in the rain most the day. When we quit, the snow was so deep that the road almost didn't exist anymore, just one big sidehill that sucks you down.

Hangover Run 2007
Snow Run!
It's been a couple years, but I'm back in the saddle again. This time in my 1970 Bronco. This is the first real wheelin trip since I got it back on the road. Nothing like a snow run to break it in. The fuel injection is sooo nice at higher elevations, much more power! Beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest!

Hangover Run 2008
Hangover Run 2008
Well I missed another year. My Bronco just isn't quite ready yet. EBSTEVE was kind enough to offer me a seat for the day. Breaking trail was slow. Lots of down trees, and the snow was heavy, wet and melting fast. Just when the snow was starting to change for the better, EBSTEVE popped a front axle and that was the end of that. Of course the worst day snow wheelin will always be better than staying home....at least in my book.

Hangover Run 2007
Hangover Run 2007
Once again we brought in the New Year four wheeling in the Snow. It was cold and windy, but plenty of snow to have fun.

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