Starting Bronco II after 5 years

Ask technical questions about your Ford Bronco II here. Technical write-ups on your axle swaps, engine swaps, chop tops, etc. are encouraged.
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Starting Bronco II after 5 years

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A buddy at work is practictly giving away a bronco 2. I want it but have to get it running. I would appreciate input. I know very little about the truck.. I do know it ran fine when he parked it. it's a 2.9fi 5sp 4x4 and low mile ( 50k range) and in good condition! It's a steal. But it hasn't run in 5ish years. I need to get it running to get her home.. like 10 miles.. I know I need to drain old gas and new battery. There are lots of things I will work on when I get her home just hoping all you wise people won't tell me I need to change the oil, coolant, etc... It's been in a garage but not heated.. my temptation is to fire her up (if its that easy) and bring her home. All wisdom is appreciated. Thank you.

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Re: Starting Bronco II after 5 years

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You should want to change all the fluids after sitting that long anyway, if she starts let her run for a bit, if not see below.

Injectors are probably bad after sitting. Check to see fuel pressure first, turn key on, listen for pump, Schrader valve for injectors by throttle body. See if fuel comes out. Make sure keys off first lol. fuel squirts out, it may start and run poorly lol.

Post pics too lol.
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Re: Starting Bronco II after 5 years

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I know this is an old post, but I just had to respond. I had the same bronco , 86 it set for 10 years! I put a new battery in it and it literally started the first key turn. It had been outside, with a car cover. I think your truck probably would have started with a new battery and some new gas. just my two cents. I was shocked.
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Re: Starting Bronco II after 5 years

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First disable it so it cannot start. Pull the wire to the dizzy. Check If there is fuel and if it has that horribie smell drain and add fresh fuel.. Make sure there is oil in the crankcase and all under hood fluids are ok,. Do a visual check that all the components are there and not disconected. Charge or jump the battery. Spin the engine with the dizzy disconnected for maybe a minute or more to circulate oil to the critical parts. Get in and stomp on the brakes to be sure the get hard.Might take a bit to get the fuel up. Take her home and get to work...w the original date.

Ha aha ha just saw the original date !!! If you are still around give us a report
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