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8.8 Junk yard finds

Posted: Thu Nov 26, 2020 10:21 pm
by jefe
Long time no post. Thanks for all the help from Tek and Drof and others back in the day when I was rebuilding my 2.9. :cool:

Took a trip to the junk yard the other day after doing my research on axle swaps. My 87 Eddie Bauer BII has a 7.5 now with 4.10 gears so I went looking for Explorers with the same ratios.

Lots of Explorers but only two had 4.10 gears. Most had already been stripped of the axles but these two still had the rears.

Decided to ask how much the 8.8 axles would be before I pulled them and the girl told me $270. I'm in CA but still that seemed excessive!

Pics below just for fun.
8.8 Explore 01 - a.jpeg
8.8 Explore 01 - b.jpeg
8.8 Explore 01 - e.jpeg
8.8 Explore 01 - f.jpeg
8.8 Explore 02 - a.jpeg
8.8 Explore 02 - c.jpeg
8.8 Explore 02 - f.jpeg