4x4 Conversion

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4x4 Conversion

Postby B2Bruce » Tue Jul 10, 2018 2:18 pm

Hey everyone,
My 5 speed '89 B2 is 2WD but I'm considering converting it to 4WD. I've seen multiple posts on how to do the actual conversion and it seems (as compared to other vehicles) that if I part out the right donor vehicle its pretty simple (like I said, as compared to other vehicles). What I am wondering is, which other Fords should I be looking for to snag the parts? For example, what range of B2 years would fit this mold- would an '87? Can I also search for the same year Ranger or standard Bronco?

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Re: 4x4 Conversion

Postby tekatlarge » Sun Aug 19, 2018 12:24 pm

I see no one has answered this yet!

Before my BII left for the great scrapyard in the sky I was going to convert my 2wd A4LD 88 BII . It is pretty straight forward. It is literally a bolt in job "EXCEPT" for the drivers side brackets that go to the frame. You will need to remove this bracket from a donor and drill out the rivets.
There is also some question about exhaust header clearance on the drivers side with the front drive shaft. I never got that far on mine. You of course will need a transfer case as the 2wd case mouted is empty. Pick a manual T case. Now where to get the stuff. Look for a say 1986 up Ranger or bronco 2 up to 1990. To bad you don't live up here in Worshington State. I have I think all the parts to do that with 4:10 gears in a D28 and a Lock right Locker. I also have a set of 410 gears and a complete 7 1/2 rear diff with Fords version of Posi
Trac. I would give up the whole works for $250.00
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