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handy tool to have if you are doing a suspension lift!!

Posted: Mon Feb 24, 2014 5:40 pm
by 101btp
well I ran into an issue while I was putting my radius arm drop brackets on I could not get the radius arms to pull in and go back at the same time, so two different directions to go but would not budge, so I had to improvise I used a ratchet binder with chain bolted at each end to pull them together evenly! so main highlight here is the ratchet binder! So I got them lined up could have not gone in the drop brackets better now this is being done with front steering components off and springs off, I got the radius arms into their brackets but would not go back far enough so that I could get their I believe 1 1/8 not threaded enough as to not strip it, could not get them to budge by hand or with a pry bar and bolt it down at the same time, soo I seen my john deere sitting their and thought I wounder how much force that mower could put on it and sure enough with radius arms in the bracket but not far enough back I lined the lawn mower tire up and superswamper up and bam went in perfectly!! NOTE don't forget to put the radius arm bushing on before doing any of this!