My '90 BII

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My '90 BII

Postby Dreded » Thu May 05, 2005 9:26 am

Well here is my new project. I rolled my other BII so here is the new one. I bought this one for $700 cdn

This is what I started With

The interior is mint and it did run great with the 2.9L

Then I put in a 3" Body Lift you will also notice the mags changed because a friend of mine got the other ones.

After the Body lift in comes the 5.0 it is quite neccesary to use the engine leveler if I didnt have it I would have needed to pull off all the pulleys and I actually put the engine in with the C4 and Exhaust attached to it.

To mount the 5.0 I used Slotted pieces of Flat 1/4" Steel the slots where to get it as far back as possible then just two holes that bolted to where the mounts usually bolt to the 5.0L.

I recommend this method myself but only if you have a 3" body lift otherwise the engine sits a little high up. It is defiantly the cheapest and after 2yrs of use in my '86 BII the Stock V6 mounts are no worse for wear. The only thing is make sure you locktite everything :thumby: when I pulled the motor from the '86 all the mount bolts where loose.

If you want to see a complete image gallery from Day 1 to present Click Here
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Postby OCD4B2 » Tue May 10, 2005 1:15 am

Gonna get a couple pics soon, i'll show you what I did with the front bumper. It looks like total crap when you put a body lift on and then you see the freakin bumpers. I'll be back in a couple days. :D
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Postby ranger5.0 » Fri May 13, 2005 9:18 pm

I recommend the Smittybuilt bumper with the body lifts. They help fill in the gap, tighten up the frame, and will take a pretty good blow to the trail obstacles. :redneck:
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