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Bryce's Bronco II Redo

Posted: Mon Feb 04, 2019 6:36 am
by Guest
Back in '99 I bought my '84 Bronco II from this guy that got it in an auction as part of a lot of construction equipment. It sorta ran. Enought to get it 4 miles home. 4x4 worked and that's what I was concerned with. I wanted a trail truck to ride around in, and this would be it.

Turned out to be a few plug wires crossed to get it to run right. Also needed the exhaust redone and a Cat added back to pass emissions.

Next I added a 2 inch suspension lift and 3 inch body lift. I ran 31x10.50 tires om bkack wheels. And at one point 32x11.50 on Ranger Deer Hoof wheels.

In 01, I traded in my 97 Ranger and it had a 4" lift and 33x12.50 tires om EA058 wheels. I put the deer hood wheels back on it. The 33s went on the BII with some trimming of fender corners.

It bounced and banged around the Southeast fir quite a few years.

It can be seen in this video of Tellico ORV area.
It's the one that gets the front in the air at 19:10.
[/IMG][IMG] ... 6b1be5.jpg[/IMG]