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87 b2 build

Posted: Wed Sep 08, 2010 3:07 pm
by esbadawd
ok so i got my bronco and i looked it completely over and with the shape tha the body is in (horrible shape ) im thinking of chopping the top and the fenders and the cab mounts are gonna be replaced as far as the suspension goes and the frame its all in good shape becuase before my friend got it the guy before him painted everything so it saved all that except for the body its rusted to where the floor boards ar almost gone and the cab is just sitting on the frame and the hatch is dropped below the bumper so its really hard to open. so ive decided that im going to chop the top and the fenders close up the back of the cab somehow and fix the rust the best i can whatever i cant cut out. then im going to fix the cab mounts and ive bought a 3 inch body lift and i plan on taking the seats and the suspension from my donor explorer but i really dont know what all comes with the explorer 4x4 wise (what axles etc) and i plan on putting the explorer dash in my bronco. after i do this im going to rhino line the floors after i fix thenm i work at a fab shop so i know i can do this stuff its just i need some knowledge on what to do if anyone can help ill post pictures asap