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The un fortuneate End of the Bronco II Project.

Posted: Mon Jul 13, 2015 9:27 pm
by tekatlarge
I am setting here watching the end of my B II project as it has finally been determined to be economically UN feasible to complete this project.
The B II has been setting out in the weeds next to my shop and the other day I noticed a tree near the building was looking diseased. I called an arborist and after consultation it was determined 3 trees would be removed.

The trees are next to the B II so the B II must move. To shorten the Story I found that while the vehicle sat animals got inside somehow and made the interior uninhabitable. I tried to open the drivers door and it was rusted shut. The inside is completely trashed. After trying to move the rig it was found the rear brakes are locked up solid. I looked underneath and what used to be clean and good looking metal was all encrusted with rust. Brake lines drive line every thing would have to be gone through to even get started back to a drivable vehicle.

At this point in life I need to set some projects aside so the important things like my health can be better addressed. It wasn't an easy decision but the basic shell of the B II was sold today for Scrap. I am keeping my 2.9 motors and all the real fancy go fast stuff as I just have to much money in them. I am going to finish the monster motor and maybe then look for another body or maybe a ranger and stuff my motor in it. Either way priorities are changing and it has been a heck of a run. I will still stop by from time to time but it is time to ramble on...

Good by B II and farewell.

Re: The un fortuneate End of the Bronco II Project.

Posted: Wed Jul 22, 2015 9:02 am
by Lance Skene
Thats too bad Tek, but we all have to rethink our projects now and then... and ones that sit too long sometimes have to go. My B2s are my DDs so they stay high of the priority list but Im about to give up on my f150 after this last trip up north, the tranny boiled out 2.5 litres of fluid on a hot day... made it home fine but its a little noisy now. Im gonna take a closer look at the full size Bronco I have now and hopefully get started on it this winter.

Are you gonna continue with the Hot Rod? Keep us posted if you do;)

Re: The un fortuneate End of the Bronco II Project.

Posted: Thu Jul 23, 2015 8:12 pm
by tekatlarge
Well The B2 is officially Gone. It was sad watching it go but at the same time it was a relief to be free of the rig. I still have all the running gear for another one with 4:10 gears, A Lock rite Locker and a
D28 TTB 4:10 with Limited slip. I have 3 A4LDs and 3 2.9's. Plus wires and dash and such. I will keep my eyes open for a nice body and interior for cheep.

The 27Tcoupe Hot Rod Project is moving forward. It has #1 priority now and the War Dept is good with that. I try to keep my website up to date on it but it sometimes takes a back seat.

I am ready to blow the body back apart and dip the whole thing and then finish all the body work.. That looks to be a long term deal. I am also ready to weld the main cross members in the frame and hang the rear suspension, and front axle. I have a goal to have a rolling chassis by Mid August. I need to be able to move the chassis off the frame rack so I can pull the 23 Tcoupe out and get it ready to sell.

Ah the projects we weave huh?