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Snow plow on a B2???

Posted: Tue Oct 27, 2015 12:30 pm
by Lance Skene
Just wondering if ne1 has tried it... I have a 6' plow that came off a Blazer that Im thinking of putting on one of my B2s, I would need to fab mounts to mate the plow onto the truck but I work in metal fab so thats not an issue, Im just curious how well it might push. The B2 has a durasparked 2.8, 30" tires, 5 speed, does very well in the deep snow by itself.

Snow plow on a B2???

Posted: Mon Nov 09, 2015 7:20 am
by newdieselguy
We had a stock 88 that had snow tires only on the rear, it did pretty good.

One thing to watch for is if you have the plow angled and there's a lot of snow it can push the bronco sideways instead on the snow. Once I was plowing next to the building had the plow angled away and hit a deep part and it almost threw me into the wall.

Other than that it did great and the small size was nice cuz it fits in tighter places.

Re: Snow plow on a B2???

Posted: Wed Nov 11, 2015 1:44 am
by 101btp
Theirs a couple I've seen around the area and they have been doing it for years with one in their parking lot have yet to see them get something different to use for plowing so it must work well. I was gonna do that my self this year but they vehicle is gonna be inspected to close to winter to have time to mess with one that needs mode to compensate for a lift from the get-go if you do run one this winter don't forget to post your review of it! What brand and model plow were you thinking about?

Re: Snow plow on a B2???

Posted: Sat Nov 14, 2015 5:48 pm
by tekatlarge
Oh Lance I am glad I don't live in the Great White North eh. Down here we just get a lot or rain and maybe a snow event once or twice through the winter but to need a snow plow That makes me cold thinking of it! :eek:

But seriously I think the B II will do good with a plow. What do you have for gears on that thing do you have LS or a locker on all 4. I think a B II would make a very good plow. :idea:

Re: Snow plow on a B2???

Posted: Wed Mar 02, 2016 6:55 am
by Lance Skene
Well the blade is still in the shed, we never got enough snow for one this winter, I never even had the John Deere garden tractor out with its blade, never used a snowblower either, I was riding the bike until late november and had it out again last week. So I guess it will be next winter before the blade goes on a BII. Mildest winter I can remember. So now Im hoping for any early spring to sell a few riding mowers, garden tractors, and a Yamaha bike that Ive fixed up over the winter.

Re: Snow plow on a B2???

Posted: Fri Mar 04, 2016 8:26 pm
by tekatlarge
Sorry to hear not enough snow this winter... ??? We had a few light flurries once or twice this last winter but we did have record rainfall. I live on a plateau above the valley and I was keeping a rubber boat by the door. However we didn't have a huge amount of flooding in the valley so I won't need it any more. ha ha ha

I needed to get my Crafty John tractor out from where it was in my temporary shelter. I went to start it and it fires about 4 times and wouldn't start. I roll it in to the shop and first thing I notice was water droplets condensing on the inside of the fuel filter.Pulled the plugs and they were wet with water. Pulled the float bowl off the carb and it was almost completely filled with water. I started looking for the source of the water. A inside look finds over and inch of water in the tank. A short search and I found the source of the water. It was the stupid float type fuel gauge I put on it a few years ago. The gauge had a hole in the plastic lens of the gauge about the size of a BB. Rain on the cap was being channeled right over the lens and through the hole and in to the tank. This tractor has a 6 gallon under seat tank. I had a bit of a time pulling the bodywork to get to the tank. You damn near have to strip the whole back end just to get to it.

I pulled the tank and dumped the whole thing. I then got my Video inspection camera and a flexible pick up tool I put a rag in the pick up tool and looked in every crevice and swabbed the inside of the tank clean. and dried it all up. Put it back together with a new fuel cap and the rig runs like brand new again.

All other projects sat for the last 2 or so months and I am slowly getting a few things done. I have a bum shoulder among all the other problems and it has kept me inside for a while but I get out to the shop as often as I can..

The T Project is moving slowly but moving. I now have a rolling chassis and just a few days ago pulled the engine and trans from my donor car. I went to move the assembly to the front of the hot rod so I could set the motor up at ride height and get ready for mounts and cross member .

Problem came up next with my newly built gantry crane. I was going to use a 1,000 Lb Chain hoist on the trolley but when I picked up the engine it was all I could do to pull the chain down. (Shoulder problems. So I am going to get an Electric trolley mounted hoist. I found a smokin deal on a Jet 2 ton electric. He was asking 500 for it and I offered him 200 and he said Sold so tomorrow I am off to go pick it up..

So that is the extent of winter progress out here in the Big Wet Gloomy Green Forest!!

Lets prey for a sunny spring and perfect summer.

Re: Snow plow on a B2???

Posted: Thu Mar 10, 2016 10:35 pm
by Lance Skene
Did you get the winch Tek? Thats the way to go as we get older. I need to put one on my horse trailer for pulling in garden tractors.

Did you check the crankcase for water in the oil? I brought one home once that had about a liter of water in it just from sitting outside, luckily I found it before starting the engine, tractor is still going strong three years later.

Ive been putting tin on roofs and cutting bay doors in grainaries so I can put tractors in them, this little hobby/habit is turning into a small business, I have about 35 garden tractors right now so Im hoping alot of people need parts this summer.

Re: Snow plow on a B2???

Posted: Fri Mar 11, 2016 3:19 pm
by tekatlarge
I got the Hoist. I went to his place and he has it hanging on the end of a cherry picker. He plugged it in and it went up and down . He even loaded the hoist in the back of the wife's Escape. Hi drug the chain against the bumper and scratched it. Now I am in the Dog House again and I will have to buy a new bumper cover!

So I get the hoist up and hanging from the gantry crane. I go to do a test lift and the crane lifts the load no problem. I went to lower the load and it started to lower normally. I was going to test the brake as per Std Ops. I let go of the down button and it was supposed to stop within a inch or so. Nope as soon as power was removed the hoist unwound itself. NOT GOOD I then thought that is why I got it for $200.00 it don't stop. After some research I got the parts list and a manual. I took the two end covers off the winch and found the brake assembly but I had to pull the brake off to check it out. What I found was the brake disk was gummed up with dirt and some oily substance. I used a secret formula to clean the lining/Disk and I broke the glaze on the lining. I cleaned up and burnished the fixed disk. I put it back together and beat some of the dents out and gave the covers a shot of Machinery Grey and put it all back together. I lifted a load and stopped. NO slippage. I lowered the load and stopped. NO slippage. The brake works fine now. I think now I have a good crane. I can wire this to run 120 or 240 it is on 120 now and lifts without even blinking.

I am going to try and get motor mounts in the TCoupe This next week it just depends on me getting moving..

Sounds like the tractor supply is growing. Just plant em water em and Harvest them. Don't you wish huh? If we could get a few dry days here we would be ready to put my crafty John to work. we have had a record rainfall this winter and it is still coming down..

I am gonna edit a couple a photos and post them here in a bit. Till then ?

Re: Snow plow on a B2???

Posted: Thu Mar 17, 2016 9:52 am
by Lance Skene
Bit of snow on the ground here this am, maybe just enough to get the grass turning green so that folks need to think about mowing it, its been dry here so any moisture is good. Hopin the wifes Exploder will be finished any day now, its been a nightmare, originally only $500 and rumuored to need a new electric shift motor... but once we got into it we found that both the t-case and trans were from a wrecking yard and neither in good condition, so we bought another parts truck and have swapped everything over from it. Shes been driving my '84 BII for almost a month now.

I dont even buy tractors anymore, I guess Ive been doing this long enough that they just come to me as freebies and trade-ins, alot are just parts machines but those bring in $$ and I often need parts myself. An older Deutz Allis 1316 front mount mower came in a few days ago that I might keep for myself, 48" cut which is 2" bigger than my current JD F525, its a bit easier for an old geezer to mount and dismount, plus the JD should sell for close to $2000. Also got an old 'Red' Cadet recently that the collector types like to pay top dollar for because the red ones are fairly rare.

Yamaha Maxim 1100 was giving me nightmares for a few days, would not cold start even if parked inside for more than an hour, had to pull the carbs off TWICE before getting that sorted out. Mikuni carbs with an odd startup fuel bypass system they call "Fuel Enrichment Circuit", took me longer to research and learn the damn system than it did to clean it out.... WTF is wrong with a basic "CHOKE".... bike does start and run nice now tho so maybe it will sell soon.