Internet Host Providers are all Jerks

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Internet Host Providers are all Jerks

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I have about had enough of internet host providers. I am beginning to believe that there is not 1 god provider out there. of course maybe I am being to harsh!

Here's the scoop, My website has been hosted by the same provider for about 2 to 3 years now. This is about the 5th provider I have had since 2000 or 2001. In every case the support started great to good. Within a year of hosting suddenly the customer support goes away and the time to get a ticket taken care of has gone out the window.

My site is a crude hobby site. No e commerce or anything special. It is a site I started playing around with back in 2001. I post my photos and tell some stories and help people if I can. So you see I am not a big provider or big advertising machine I am small and a lot of people think sites like this are insignificant. They may seem insignificant to some but to the people that build and maintain these small hobby sites, they are an important building blocks of Social connections.

At any rate My Host "ARVIXE" has been suffering from mis-management, expansion problems, and finally NO staff or support people. it is an interesting story. I urge you to do a quick search on google and search for ARVIXE problems. My stories pale when compared to some of the complaints.
My last straw started almost 3 weeks ago. I went to access my site using the provider supplied web editor. I got a message instead from my builder software saying My access had been suspended to my website because my host is not paying their bills!!

I contacted Support and asked what the heck is going on here? It took 5 days then all they said was we are having problems due to hi volume and that they were very sorry but I needed to go to my profile and copy a service request number and send it to them. They will look into my problem when they get my number. I sent them the number and it took another week to say that they no longer are supporting my software and to use a new package they were offering. The problem there is a link to the new software was no where to be found.

For customer support "ARVIXE" is about the best case for the WORST SUPPORT IN THE WORLD.

So over the next week or two My site may be in-accessible. I am off looking for a decent provider and I think I am going to do a complete re design using my owned stand alone software. This is going to be another learning curve that I don't really need at this time but I guess it keeps me busy.
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