B2 and a 351

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Jesse Grass
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B2 and a 351

Post by Jesse Grass »

So I noticed a couple people have posted about swaping a 351. I never thought it possible to fit one into a b2 but I got two i could get my hands on. Has anyone eer sucssesfully pulled this off. I would love to know and see some pics. I also got a 300 online six I was thinking about dropping in it if amyone has any tips.
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Re: B2 and a 351

Post by 101btp »

This defiantly is open to creative fabrication! needs custom cross members to the T case severe firewall modification even with 3" body lift, a Turbo Action Cheetah SCS Shifter is best seeing as you have a cable and not direct linkage to worry about, or on my bronco 2 where I used a B&M ratchet shifter, depending on what type of T case you run with possibly an advanced adapter for the T case so you can retain you're stock drive shaft length and proper engine position in relation to the core support or possibly finding a happy medium with the new t case and custom engine mounts, possibly swapping the flanges on the t case to make the drive shafts work custom made headers to clear the rag joint and steering box, I would get a new overflow tank for coolant, aftermarket radiator, I would also take the time if you're doing that swap and run some true h pipe duals and o yeah a lot of exhaust fabrication!!! I will take some pictures of the underneath when the weather get's better to show you some clearances you run into with just a 302, 351w also has a wider engine in both deck with and over all block width.
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