Any tips on useing fiberglass?

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Any tips on useing fiberglass?

Post by C_Sanchez_A »

I want to know what kind of tips there are for useing fiberglass, both inside the vehicle and out side. I plan on making a show vehicle out of my next BII.
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Re: Any tips on useing fiberglass?

Post by tekatlarge »

Buy both mat and cloth depending on your strength requirements
The most important thing I recommend is buy your resin and hardener when you actually do the Job not before. Shelf life is fairly short with resin and hardener and the longer it sets around the more problem you will see by uneven hardening and sticky spots when it sets up.

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Re: Any tips on useing fiberglass?

Post by ConductorX »

Visit a website:

They have materials and instructions for everything you need to know. How to build molds, one off construction, vacuum bagging and exotic materials such as Kevlar and Carbon Fiber. They also sell supplies and tools. I developed all my skills from their website and help.

I am not associated this company, but i have made a number of purchases and I am very satisfied with the prices and service.

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Re: Any tips on useing fiberglass?

Post by twarner »

I will second the fiberglast site. Buy epoxy resin so you will have some working time. Try a project before working on your car and PRIME/PAINT and raw metal before you apply the glass to it. If you don't it will rust under the me

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Re: Any tips on useing fiberglass?

Post by Dreded »

when I build custom fit speaker sub boxes I make a frame for the box then use pantyhose stretched over it to get nice flowing "molded" edges results are fantastic
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