My always ready NC 1989 Ford BII XLT 4x4

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My always ready NC 1989 Ford BII XLT 4x4

Postby Johny4x4 » Mon Dec 06, 2010 9:24 pm

The pictures of my 1989 Bronco II XLT 4x4.
Its changed over the last 2-3years ive had it. Still many changes to come especially after Christmas.
This is from facebook so feel free to add if yall want.
This is what it currently looks like. Has more electronics then it does performance parts, looking to change that. It has a milcom scanner now, took the bearcat inside the house, a MIdland 5001z CB Radio, a 400 WATT/3.48 Amps power inverter, an Insignia GPS, a short range relay i rigged to my milcom scanner, & a LED red light attached to the bottom of the fans housing. Ill take more pictures,its alot cleaner then it is here. Looks almost show floor ready.
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