What should I look for when checking out a Bronco?

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What should I look for when checking out a Bronco?

Postby climber87 » Sun Nov 30, 2008 6:41 pm

I'm looking into joining the Bronco community and would like to do some of the work on a Bronco II myself. however, I'm stuck because I need a ride by January. I'm thinking about getting a bronco in decent condition that I won't have to do too much immediate work on.

If I went to check out this ride what would you recommend I look for to indicate value and problems?
Is 2500 a fair price for him to be asking?
1988 XL 4x4 5spd
70,000 (he claims original miles)

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Re: What should I look for when checking out a Bronco?

Postby Ruffinit » Mon Dec 01, 2008 10:53 am

Well, an '88 BII with 70K shouldn't be too rough, and for $2500 it should be a gem without any problems. It looks nice enough. Mostly what you are looking for is basic for any used car, except for a couple items. The 2.9 is a good motor, should start and run smooth and quiet and should have good pull. It's not a race car, but I would equate it to a 4 wheel drive sports car. Check the transmission fluid, if you don't know how to do this take it to a mechanic. It should have automatic tranny fluid in it. The trannys for these are great unless they haven't been taken care of. Any whine in the tranny should be seriously checked out. If it had been run with the tranny fluid low the overdrive is left dry and could disintegrate on you (been there).
Were the flairs put on there because of rust or clearance? It should run the interstate without any handling problems, does it pull to one side or the other? When you brake does it pull? How much pad do you have on the brakes front and back?

Anyone else got anything for him?

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