Here she is

This is the place to Blog your buildup. If your Bronco II isn't in here, it should be!
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Here she is

Postby NativeNv » Sun Apr 20, 2008 11:24 am

Ok, here is my baby. But I am a Ford girl living in the land of the "bow tie" so I have to park her next to my sons S10 blazer and my husbands K5 rust bucket. I cant park her in the garage cause he has a 79 GMC truck in the driveway and a 64 chevy truck in the garage. But thats ok. I know how to share. So, pics of my toy and then of the row in front of the house. Currently I am working on the interior while I slowly purchase all my parts for the 302 conversion. Trying to decide if I want to change to a 5 speed from my automatic. This will be my winter vehicle (I live in the Tahoe area).
bronco pics 010.jpg
bronco pics 012.jpg
bronco pics 011.jpg
Love it fast and dirty!!! 4 wheelin that is!!

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