My '87 Bronco II

This is the place to Blog your buildup. If your Bronco II isn't in here, it should be!
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My '87 Bronco II

Post by amdaar » Wed Mar 26, 2008 2:11 am

This is my project 1987 Bronco II. I picked it up from my uncle about 6 months ago for FREE!! All it needed was some engine work. Well lets just say i kinda f'd myself in the a with it. I redid the driver's side head gasket and found the head warped .003", the most warpage allowed. But i decided to use it eventhough the head was cracked between water ports.

About 2 months later, it blew. Oil and water was milky again and was blowing water out the heater core.

And here I am looking at rebuilding the whole top end. I'm up for it b/c i love this thing. Hot Wheels style rims, light bar, 4wd, MANUAL (love them!), and i'm not sure but maybe a 2" lift (have no idea, b/c my uncle doesn't know).

Future Plans:
Lift, Repaint (touch-up spots), new lights for light bar, grill guard and maybe larger tires.
'87 Bronco II - Project in the works
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Post by clem » Thu Apr 03, 2008 1:14 pm

Nice looking ride,I'd swap the v6 for an 8.those engines were never that strong,I did put mine through a fair amount. the money spent rebuilding would be better spent dropping in an 8. have fun. :canada:
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