Ruffinit - well maybe not

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Ruffinit - well maybe not

Post by Ruffinit » Wed Oct 17, 2007 4:22 pm

Here's the newest project. Brought it up 600 miles from Tennessee. No rust, dings or dents. The worst part of the whole thing was that all the vacuum lines and hoses had been pulled, plugged, cut or otherwise rendered inop..

1984 BII XL
2.8L with C5
3.54s manual hubs, xfr case
Absolutely base model, no A/C, cruise etc.

Changing out the entire interior right now with a donor '89 XLT so it'll be grey. Seats are from my donor '94 Exp Sport. Hate the red that's in there now. It'll be getting the entire drivetrain, harnesses, and dash from the '94 with the fuel system from the '89. Sure gonna miss that 23 gallon tank though...
Really love the paint..

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Post by Phillippi » Thu Oct 18, 2007 9:07 pm

Looks good. Keep us posted with updates. Also the 89 shouls also be a 23 gsl tank. Mine is.

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Post by Ruffinit » Tue Oct 23, 2007 6:46 am

Just a bit of an update.. Took the thing in to get the cooling system pressure flushed. It had only brown water in it when I checked. They ended up blowing out the heater core and the radiator. Took it home and replaced the heater core with the one from the 88. Found out that the bottom of the heater core in the '94 is a bit more than an 1/8 larger and wouldn't fit. Pulling the radiator out tonight, there's a shop in town that repairs them for $28-32.

Found that the power valve in the carburator was bad, pulling fuel directly into the manifold, so ordered it up from NAPA, came in the next morning and so went home to pull the carb.. Found that one of the "feet" on the carb was bolted down so tight they had broken it. Went to the yard and pulled one from another '84 which was a manual, so no kick down. The thing now runs better though, just have to adjust the choke spring.

Found that the bearing on the front output of the xfr case is worn so you get play from the front drive shaft..

Have yet to be able to find the back hatch handle which is specific to the '84, discontinued by Ford.. I really do not want to modify the hatch as much as I have to to make the '85 and up work.

So much fun discovering what the last owners have done and hidden.. They had hacked out the radio opening in the dash with what looked to be a steak knife, so I got an almost perfect one from an 88, brought it home and jerked the 84's to find that they don't interchange. Modified the two and reinstalled, looks good functions perfectly, put in radio to find that the speakers are no longer functioning...

All in all.. I am having a blast. Helps though that I have an 88, 89 and 94 for donors... ;)

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Re: Ruffinit - well maybe not

Post by NativeNv » Sun Apr 20, 2008 11:39 am

I have the same nasty red in mine. Like someone bled a pig in it. Hate it. I am slowly replacing everything from LMC. It's spendy, but I don't have the option of a donor. That and I can do it just like I like it. Going with a dark grey also.
Love it fast and dirty!!! 4 wheelin that is!!

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