Fund Raising ride for local wheeler killed in auto wreck

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Fund Raising ride for local wheeler killed in auto wreck

Postby offroadohio » Sat Jun 18, 2005 12:39 pm

I talked to my the parents of Tony's Mud Bog regular (and a great friend of mine) Dewey Lester today at his calling hours. (if any of you missed what happened it cna be viewed at ... post&t=282 )
They are in desperate need of finacial help of the situation as I had feared. So I have decided to hold a ride at Tony's since that was his stomping grounds, to raise some cash for them. Now I've never done this type of event and have no idea where to start at all... And I am currently unsure of the date for the ride. I do know I will be accepting donations to anyone on the site, wether they attend the ride or not... Also the ride will have a mandatory $5 per person entry fee.... if you wish to give us more than that, its up to you but there is no obligation. Keep an eye on this post for dates and places to send money too!

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