new B 2 for me UPDATE

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new B 2 for me UPDATE

Postby Robo » Fri Feb 10, 2017 4:49 pm

Hi everyone Its winter and I started my project a few weeks ago. I am repainting my 87 B2 I brought it in the garage and tore it down and started sanding it up. The blue color was peeling on the passenger side so i pretty much had to knock it down to the metal on both sides and prime it up. I started with a pretty solid unit and only had a little surface rust starting on the lower qt panels and fenders so quick grind and sand blast was in order little fill and prime it up. I started with a chipped windshield and 6" crack so i was getting into it and had my buddy pulled the windshield and while he was there take the tailgate and quarter glass out as well for the paint job. I tinted the tailgate and quarter 20% while they are out anyway i guess the time to do it is now. I pulled the doors, hood and tailgate off and repainted the inside of them and painted the door jams just to freshen them up. Got it all back together and ready to shoot this weekend Feb. 11 is the day its going on the car trailer and over to the booth.
I have bought several new parts to throw at it when it goes back together Tail lamps, turn signals originals were all faded out.
belt mouldings and door window runs old ones were all dried up. HID 10K headlamp conversion kit,new Ford emblems for the grille and tailgate when I removed the old ones they got kinds tore up however I took my time removing the fender emblems and soaked them real good and cleaned them up nicely. I took the grille all apart and repainted the center of it with a satin black the argent was pretty wore out. I also repainted the spare tire carrier wiper arms, door handles, and windshield mouldings with a satin black. I have some American Racing crome wheels i picked up from a buddy I am adding to it when the time is right. My plan is when its going back together to undercoat the snot out of it with some interior cavity wax 3M makes and then when the wheels are off do the under side with the usual black heavy duty stuff. I will update when it gets further along
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