I miss my baby Bronco too much.

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I miss my baby Bronco too much.

Postby morlhug » Sun Aug 19, 2012 3:35 am

I am returning the B-II after a long hiatus, I've got an '05 F150 and an '86 Mustang GT with a Cobra 5.0 in it, so my MPGs are not exactly spectacular. I'm going to be bringing my baby Bronco to NM from Las Vegas sometime in the next few months and putting it all together to use as a daily driver/ mild off-roading toy. I'll be searching through the old threads looking for 4.0 swap information, and probably running down the random parts that I don't know I need yet. I've got a 'sploder sitting in Vegas waiting to donate it's axles and various small parts I need before it goes to the scrap yard, and I couldn't be happier about getting back to my first car. I haven't had a Bronco that runs for the last 4 years, so I'm ready to get my truck back on the road, and in the dirt. Also wondering if there is anyone from the Alamogordo/ Las Cruces/ El Paso area on the forum.

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