Possible future B2 owner, with q's

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Possible future B2 owner, with q's

Post by astrowolf67 » Tue Oct 25, 2011 7:22 pm

Hi all, I'm looking at possibly buying an 86 Bronco II this weekend, and, had some questions before I begin this adventure. First, it's a one owner XLT, 2.9 automatic, 4x4, with 53,000 miles. Paint is thin, and, the roof has primer and some light surface rust, but, the rest of the body is covered. No rust through at all, matter of fact, it's pretty clean on the under side. All glass is good, interior almost perfect except the passenger arm rest is off on one end. I guess one could say cosmetically great for the year. Now, for the bad. The steering column has some play in it, steering is tight though. The drivers seat belt retractor is pulled way out, and, doesn't retract. The transmission, while it shifts good, seems to shift quick, robbing the motor of it's power. The driver's seat, right side, leans back farther than the left side. Rear window struts won't hold, although the rear gate struts work fine. And, the spare tire carrier rattles like crazy. The seller is asking 2500 firm. Does this seem like a good deal? What about the issues, easy and inexpensive, or turn and run?

What I want to do to it, is have some paint slapped on the roof, till I get time and money for a full job, fix the issues listed above, and put some aftermarket wheels and mildly aggressive tires on it. Why I'm looking at it, is, I'm a volunteer fire fighter/ emt responder. Winter, and hunting season are coming up fast. I will need something I can drive in snow for making medical runs, and, we frequently have to go out to the sticks for deer hunters that have fallen from their stands, or shot other hunters. Plus, I've always liked the B2's, and, would like to get one while I have a chance and funds.

Sorry for the lengthy first post, but, would this be a good one to jump on?


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