84 2.8v6 fuel lines

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84 2.8v6 fuel lines

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Ethanol has gotten the best of my fuel tank. It's been sitting for a few years. I have a new one with with pick up ready to go. I'm thinking I should replace the fuel lines also.

Does that year (84 with 2.8 v6) have hard lines from the tank to the pump or is it rubber all the way? If it's har lines, is there a source fir new lines other than custom fab? If its rubber, what I.D. line do I need?

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Re: 84 2.8v6 fuel lines

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As for the lines in your B2 there will be flexible connections at the tank, possibly at the fuel filter too. If you need to replace hard lines and want to make your own look for "NICOPP brake line. You can get it in 3/16,!/4,' 3/8ths and many other sizes. NiCopp line bends beautiful, resists corrosion, and will withstand pressures seen in brake lines. I highly recommend it. Also when you replace any rubber hoses in the fuel system you want hp Fuel injection hose. It is rated for pressure and is resistant to all them :Alcohol: fuels.. :cool:
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