extreme missfire and surging

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extreme missfire and surging

Postby joe509 » Mon Feb 06, 2012 8:48 am

I HAVE A 84 BRONCO 2 SOMEONE ELSE HAS INSTALLED A 86 OR NEWER 2.9 LITRE ENGINE IN IT!! THE ENGINE MISSFIRES AND SPEEDS UP AND DOWN!! ITS NOT JUST 1 CYLINDER MISSING IT SEEMS LIKE THEY ALL MISS? I THINK MY PROBLEM MAY BE IN THE DISTRIBUTOR OR IN THE PCM?? IF I DISCONECCT THE SPark OUTput (spout) then the missing stops and no more surging!! no evidence of the spout wires grounding out anywhere? tfi module checks ok with ohm meter i really don't want to buy a remanufactered distributor if that isn't the problem?? CAN ANYONE OUT THERE HELP ME WITH THIS ??? i understand that when you unplug the spout connector you are running on a different circuit called the push start and when you have the spout connected you are running on the computer controlled dwell so am i thinking correctly that since the miss goes away when on the start circuit that it most likely in the distributor???? or maybe the pcm is faulty and not signalling for the coil to fire all the time ??? any help is appreciated

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