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Postby Milton deal » Mon Nov 28, 2011 9:17 am

so a while back i was driving up a small hill and all of a sunnden i start to slow down and my engine started to rev a manual would if it poped out of gear or something like that. but my transmissions an atomatic so i got out of the car and i had a steady drip of transmision fluid leaking from some were so i got it home and it seems to be leaking around the torque converter nut access hole ? (thats what the chiltons repair manual said anyway) not really sure whats up wid it but ill put some pics up of were its leaking in a few days and its an a4ld automatic transmission any 1 have any ideas y its doing this and y its leaking? the guy i bought it from said he rebuilt the transmission like 30 thousand miles ago but im not sure about the quality of his it leaks so bad that theres no fliud in it and it wont even go into gear either and if it duz it takes a while to do so :wtf:

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