1990 BII Front axle/differential

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1990 BII Front axle/differential

Postby fireproof710 » Fri Aug 19, 2011 5:36 am

Hey all, new to the forums here. I hope this hasn't been discussed elsewhere already. If so, sorry.

To business: I've got a 90 BII. I got it off of a friend a while back. It's my daily driver on my short commute to work. I've been fixing it up as I go and am learning a whole ton and really enjoying myself. Already done body mounts valve cover gaskets and a little good ol' bondo work on the fenders. Anyhow. I don't do any off-roading but a few weeks ago I pulled off of the parking area at a local beach onto a rocky area and got stuck (GASP) the 4x4 didnt seem to be working even though the back geared down. Embarassing, had to have somebody pull me the 15 ft back onto the road. SO i put it up on jack-stands a couple days ago and fired it up to troubleshoot the 4x4. Backs are fine in 2wd. In 4wd the front right axle spins but no wheel spin. Alright, that's the auto-lock hubs being crapped out. Ill put some lockouts on it soon. HOWEVER the front left doesn't spin. So I haven't taken the axle off yet (limited spare time) to see exactly what the issues is but from what I have come to understand is either the axle itself is broken, or the splines are stripped on the axle end or spider gear. Before I go buying parts, I know I should take it apart to see what exactly I need to buy, but I usually price out the options before I tear it apart to make sure it's worth it. So to the internet I went to look for axles and/or spider gears for the dana 35 front end. Maybee it's just me but I CANT FIND ANYTHING ANYWHERE. Bronco graveyard has been a great resource and I bought body mounts from them a few months ago, but they don't have spider gears for the front end dana 35, just some bearing kits. Nither do they have axles (They have a right intermediate axle but not the left).

Can anyone tell me where to go for these parts at (hopefully) a reasonable price?

1990 BII, 2.9FI, Stock.

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Re: 1990 BII Front axle/differential

Postby tomahawk350 » Sun Nov 06, 2011 9:26 pm

Auto hubs have to be engaged during forward motion. If you try to engage them without traction for the rear tires you can tear up the front hubs... read your owners manual if you have it.

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Re: 1990 BII Front axle/differential

Postby Ruffinit » Mon Nov 07, 2011 12:32 pm

You can do all the checking you want SAFER by just propping up the front wheels one at a time. Jack up the driver's wheel, leave the truck off, put the truck in 2wd or even neutral and on the driver's side you can reach in and spin the front drive shaft by hand. You can check the driver's side axle and hub from that position. If the driveshaft is turning, the driver's side axle should turn and if the hub is locked it will also turn as it is then mechanically engaged to the front drive shaft. My bet is that you have a shot hub only. If it's stock you have one front drive wheel. That's the driver's side.

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