84 bronco white smoke out of exhuast carb problem

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84 bronco white smoke out of exhuast carb problem

Postby Broncrider » Mon Jun 20, 2011 7:37 am

Ok so I got an 84 BII with the 2.8 and I ve been getting white smoke out of the exhaust so I took a look at the carb and it was dirty like its been leaking gas (also this bronco has been getting like 8 to 10 miles to gallon ) so some one told me adjust the float in the carb so I tried that and i thought that fixed the problem because the engine was running smoother than ever and no white smoke but then i noticed I put the gasket on backwards so there was a air leak in the carb so I put the gasket the correct way and it started runing rough again and with the gas smellin white smoke came back any ideas of what I should do thanks in advance !

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