I'm need help with my 1984 bronco

Ask technical questions about your Ford Bronco II here. Technical write-ups on your axle swaps, engine swaps, chop tops, etc. are encouraged.
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I'm need help with my 1984 bronco

Postby Bronco-from-hell » Tue Apr 26, 2011 10:55 am

Currently I own an 1984 bronco 2 xlt, 6 years ago the timing chain broke so I had the engine rebuilt, that was my first mistake. 2 mechanics and 5 years later I got her back and have been having troubles with her since. My question is should I stick with my current engine and work out the kinks or swap to a new bigger one. And if I should swap what would be the easiest to do with a novice amount of experience? I heard of people swaping 4.0s 302s and what ever a 351w is. Also would it be easier to swap the 2.8 carb for a 2.9 fuel injected. Also I would like a rough estiment on cost. Please and thanks for any help y'all are willing to give.

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