Long Crank then rough idle

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Long Crank then rough idle

Postby drofman » Sun Jul 25, 2010 3:35 pm

Greetings Fellow B2’ers, Well my 88 B2 been cranking awhile before it starts and then when it starts it has a rough idle for a little while and smells rich out on the tailpipe till it clears out. I thought I might have an injector leaking when it was off. So I thought I would check my fuel pressure during crank just for sh_ts and giggles. I hooked up my fuel pressure gauge and when I pulled off the vacuum hose to my fuel regulator to plug it, guess what came out. Gas. Oh I guess I found my problem. So I started it up anyway to check the pressure and there was a steady drip out of the regulator. So that’s when my gas mileage went to. I looked the regulator up at Napa and they had 3 listed. One for $24.49, $72.99 and $124.00. Well me being the cheap bastard I am I got the $24 one. Put it in and now it’s fixed. Just thought I would let you guys know incase you run into this.

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