Destroyed Stock Rear rapezza Shaft.....

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Destroyed Stock Rear rapezza Shaft.....

Postby Bronkitis » Sat Jul 17, 2010 8:55 pm

So, I destroyed my factory rapezza shaft. Just so happens I have another one in my garage that came with the B2 when I bought it. It appears to have the same issue as the one I just destroyed but the other end (t-case end) seems fine. I'd like to just replace the bad joint with the good one from the other shaft but I have no idea how to get these things apart. If it's not worth the headache, what is an alternative shaft I could run as a direct bolt in? She's an 88' with roughly 2" of lift. The drive shaft lasted 10 minutes on the trail (only running 31"s, VERY dissappointing) and for anyone who's been to Elbe, WA knows that getting out of a trail there in front wheel drive is a PAIN! Any help is grealty appreciated. Thanks


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