RTI Ramp

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RTI Ramp

Postby onewontwo » Sat Jun 12, 2010 3:42 pm

My work is getting rid of 5 20 foot sticks of 1.5" square tube steel and a bunch of misc lengths. I am going to use this to build a RTI ramp. I have it all planned out at 25 degrees. I was going to go 2 feet wide but I am thinking of going a little smaller. Tomorrow it gets cut and then it just needs welded. I don't plan on using this to actually get my RTI number, but more of a tool for checking what kind of travel I need out of my shocks and where to place my bump stops. If you want pics of the progress let me know. If not I'll post them when I get done. I won't start welding for a few weeks though. I got to get the truck fixed up first.

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