NEED HELP !!!!!!

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NEED HELP !!!!!!

Postby 88BLUESTALLION » Fri Jun 04, 2010 5:50 pm

I got a 88 b2 2wd FM146 5 speed tranny!! I just changed the brakes, rotor, and calipers, took it down the street to make sure every thing was good, it was, BUT when i was shifting gears i noticed the clutch started to stick a little, so i pulled it back in the shop and when I tried to put it in R the truck cut off, i couldn't shift it in any gear, the clutch is real soft, and when u let go the clutch comes up real slow!! I can dry shift but nothing with the key on., Fluid in the reservoir, even bleeded the slave cylinder, After a while messing with it on the lift i had the clutch pedal down and moving it to the left and it went in gear!! so i started the truck and when I press the brake and clutch with it in 1st the idle died down and the truck shut off!!! Then it would not go back in gear, the truck will not start now the clutch is not engaging what so ever!!!! WHAT COULD IT BE?????? slave or Master cylinder I heard it could be the clutch pedal switch, IF SO CAN I BYPASS THE SWITCH????????!!! looked inside at the slave and there is no leaking either!!

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