fuel shot out top of carb

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fuel shot out top of carb

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yesterday was a kinda nice day so i decided to mess the B2. I go to start her and she wont start, i open the hood and notice gas all over the carb. i wipe it down and try again i crank the engine and it finally starts but is sputtering bad, i look at the engine bay and see gas shooting out the air horn. i shut it down and see it was coming from the twoo little holes in front of the air horn. i took the top off checked inside no loose parts floats ok gaskets good, carb was just rebuilt about a year ago. put it back together start it up she ran good and no fuel shooting out. put in a new sending unit and fuel pump about a month ago and cleaned out gas tank since it was down. any ideas?
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Re: fuel shot out top of carb

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needle is stuck. if there is a rubber fuel line somewhere,pinch it off,then start it and run it till the carb runs out of gas,then take the vice grips off,then start it again.the surge of gas comming back in the bowl will clean out the needle and seat
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