little wrist arm info

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little wrist arm info

Postby Rockcrawler » Tue Jul 20, 2004 9:07 pm

OK while doing my dana 60 swap i decided to put the wrist arm on the driver side (pumpkin side) that way i could put a bushing and make things all happy. well while testing the clearance on the driveline i noticed that my yoke on my 60 was binding instantly! I couldnt figure it out for a little bit untill i thought about it. Well with the wrist arm on the drivers side and the solid mount on the passenger side it would push the pinion down when the passenger side compressed and the drivers droped. When the solid mount is on the pumpkin side the pinion will raise up so there will be no bind! Just a little info for all you people out there so you wont make the same mistake i made.

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