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by broncofan
Tue Aug 18, 2009 6:26 pm
Forum: Bronco Tech
Topic: 2.8 getting no fuel?
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Re: 2.8 getting no fuel?

did you make sure there was nothing on the top of the dist cap before you put it back on?
no crap on the metal inside the cap. plug wires on the right cylinders. change the filter in front of carb? check fuel then too. have someone turn engine over with line off fuel filter.
by broncofan
Tue Aug 18, 2009 5:56 pm
Forum: Bronco Tech
Topic: vacuum lines
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vacuum lines

i have a 84 BII 2.8 motor was runniing really rough. finally had to have the carb rebuilt. think i put all the lines back on right but it idled really high. i'm hoping someone has a readable diagram so i can make sure. any help would be appreciated. i looked in the chiltons manual and they look righ...

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