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Snow wheeling 2012 shakedown run.
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Snow wheeling with Matt

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  snowtrek  Bronco Transmission Rebuld (0 Replies)
OK Still waiting to get B2 out of transmission shop, got a call Fri. they are waiting on parts should be ready by Wed. We will be keeping everyone updated on the out come. BroncoBruce86
  snowtrek  Wheel and tire size (5 Replies)
New to the forum, have a 1986 B11 all stock even wheels. Wanted to install a set of 15x7 stock wheels from an 88 and wanted to know if a 235/75/15 tire would give any trouble. Thanks
  snowtrek  Need right hand shaft assy!!!! Help!!!!! (1 Replies)
1984 B2 4x4 with Dana Spicer model 28 front axle. I need the right front outer cv axle - lost seal and bearing which trashed the right hand shaft assembly and can somebody tell me for sure that the outer shaft will slide out of the inner shaft (please tell me it will!) and if it does the best way to separate it without to much beating and banging and damaging the inner shaft the part number I need is a Dana Spicer 71702-1x cheapest I can f...
  snowtrek  lose of power (19 Replies)
Does an 84 B2 4x4 have a second fuel filter besides the one at the carb. I've been told it does by several people but have yet to find it. Anyone know for sure? Mine is spitting and sputtering back thru the carb until it gets warm. Then it idles fine but feels like I'm dragging and anchor. But not all the time. Sometimes it runs fine. Almost sounds like it's missing when it's struggling. Hard to tell with the mudders rolling tho. I've cha...
  snowtrek  Got a 4.0 (9 Replies)
Well looks like I got a 4.0L to put in the Old Girl. It's the SOHC. Gonna do the Duff longarm kit at the same time. Been doing a lot of training in Sacramento lately so it's gonna be a couple months before I get to it. Gonna take the rearend also and I hope the gears are the same. I'll do a new post while I do it.
  snowtrek  replacement seats (2 Replies)
I have a 1989 ford bronco 2 xlt model and need to replace the front seats. can anyone tell me what a good aftermarket seat would be that is reasonable in price and easy to put in? my bronco is for work purposes don't need fancy stuff, just durable. thanks. robert

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