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  snowtrek  my first bll and im lost (0 Replies)
Need help I have an 85 b2 and its had a 5 speed swap done to it before I bought it and now the tranny went out so I ended up with a m50d r1 but I can't use any of it so I'm out that money I can't find anybody to buy it now here's my real problem I can't afford to have my tk5 rebuilt I live in southern Oregon and not only are b2s and there parts next to impossible to find here they want between 1,000 and 1,400 to rebuild mine lol no freaking way. ...
  snowtrek  1987 b2 leafspring swap!! (1 Replies)
I have a 1987 4x4 B2 The question what year of a ranger or explorer can I swap leafsprings with? Not trying to lift the bronco but I know it will because my leaf springs are old and saggy. Just want to put some in from a junkyard and have my bronco driving nice again
  snowtrek  Spark plugs (6 Replies)
Which spark plugs and heat range would you use for a stock 84. I drive mostly on highway. Its starting to miss some, so time for a change.
  snowtrek  88 bronco 2 (3 Replies)
Ok so to get started my 88 bronco 2 started to get hot and loose power and shut off so i replaced a couple bad hoses and the thermostat and it was running cooler but it still losed power after driving it for about 30 minutes it would start to run rough then when u would give it gas it would cut out and its getting fuel so i need help on figuring out what it is
  snowtrek  Rear brakes locked up! (3 Replies)
I try very hard to look through the forums first, before wasting any time. I can't find the answer to my problem. Today, out of the blue, I drove my 1989 BII XLT three miles down the road. At times, I have noticed my rear brakes sticking a bit. I try to not use my emergency brake, because it old and it does have a tendency to stick. The cables are old. I was mostly fine, until I stopped to get my mail, 1/4 down the road at my box. I starte...
  snowtrek  Bronco Transmission Rebuld (1 Replies)
Got the B2 back from the transmission shop 3 weeks ago the bill was $1,755.00 total rebuild. Three year or 100,000 mile warranty, so far so good. Still looking for a set of stock bullet hole aluminum wheels from a newer model. That's about it for now. BroncoBruce86

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