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bronco 2 on 36s gets claimed by swamp trail elbe
02:51 min | 3,470 views

harleys "b2" gets claimed by the swamp trail

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    31s on an 89
I have read every post about tire size on here and what I've learned is ... You can run this size,you can't run this size,can run them without lift,you need lift,trim fenders,don't have to trim fenders ... Soooo,I have an 89 xlt,no lift,stock rims but probably gonna get new rims and my question is - can I run,safely,31s on my B2 ??? Please,anyone with a stock,no lift running 31s let me know. Thanks a million, Chris
    Power lost on Incline
So I have a 1986 Bronco II Eddie Bauer edition 4WD that I am buying to fix up... Now the main issue I am having with it is that when going up any type of hill it will slowly lose power. I did a complete tune up on it and replaced the muffler. I am just lost as to what needs to be done to fix this. This is the only real problem I am having with it. Any suggestions will help
    Tach gauge loves to dance ??
The rpm gauge on my 89 B2 jumps all over the place.While sitting in the driveway,in park,just idleing the rpms go up to 4 or more.Sometimes while driving it will settle down to normal,but not often.The speedo jumps a little too,but not as much. Any help is appreciated.
    '85 Bronco II Smog Pump Removal
Just for starters, this is for OFF-ROAD use only.... Here's the story; My Bronco II has a smog pump that has been recently making a LOT of noise; noisier every few days... I've been searching local junkyards for a smog pump, but NONE had any (I live in Colorado, and there's limited junkyards in the mountains).. SO: I've heard of the smog pump delete, where you basically just get the same belt that runs the power steering pump-- take off the...
    Buying a B2 soon! Strive for a 90 or settle for an...
Alright so I'm looking to buy a BII really soon and I'm having a hard time deciding on whether or not I should only buy a clean 90' or if I should settle for a clean 87'-89'. I'm leaning towards getting a 90' but a few things might change my mind. 1. Do all 90' BIIs come with the D35 instead of the D28? 2. Do all 90' manual BIIs have the M5OD or were some made with one of the other MT transmission models? How can you tell which one it has? Vin? ...
    New to the forum...
So I joined today, yet another B2 forum! I have had a few of theses little trucks, love my 1990. Here is a pic of her; ImageUploadedByTapatalk1436473641.209023.jpg . I have had it for just over two years now and have lots more work to do, but it has been a great everyday driver!

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