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Snow Wheeling - January 2012
12.55 min. | 5.0 rating | 9312 views

http://www.snowtrek.org The snow level finally came down low enough to make a snow wheeling run up the Boardman Lake road. Unfortunately the cold weather didn't hold, and we got some heavy rain the night before. The result was 4+ feet of slush that turned to water as we drove on it. We stopped along the way to repair a flat tire and dig out a toyota that was stuck up there. The owner was able to get it the next day. Took a short snowshoe walk into Lake Evan and snapped a quick panorama. Overall it was another fun snow wheeling trip, even if the conditions weren't the best. This video was filmed with a GoPro Hero2 at 720p.

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  snowtrek  battery not charging (25 Replies)
hey guys, ive got an 89 b2 with the 2.9 v6. i had my alternator checked, its ok. with the b2 off, the battery reads 11.7, when the b2 is running its putting out 12.4. any ideas what would be bad??????
  snowtrek  Please help!!! (14 Replies)
I've got an 86 Bronco II and I was driving it today and it started chugging then it just died. When I let it sit for awhile I was able to start it but when I gave it gas would die again. Well I turned key on and pumps turned on but when I checked Pressure Regulator, it had air coming out and no fuel. I climbed under the truck and cracked open the container that fuel filter is in and let some fuel leak out.. Well it started and I drove it 15 minut...
  snowtrek  Budget Build 86 B2 (8 Replies)
Back in February, I was able to get an '86 B2. Dude had it on Craigslist and wanted $400.00 for it. he told me that he had a title for it. I got there, decided I wanted it, loaded it on the dolly and was ready to hand over the cash... until he showed me a title that had someone else's name on it. It was incorrectly signed 2 years prior, and was not notarized. He told me that his girlfriend was a notary and that she would take care of it. She was ...
  snowtrek  trim around rear side windows (7 Replies)
I'm new to the B2 world - 1984 4x4 POS LOL can anyone tell me where i can get the trim around the rear side stationary glass windows? the idiot that had it before i got my hands on it took them off and lost a few sections of it please help
  snowtrek  Time to wheel Washington (3 Replies)
Doing a 4x4 run to Evans creek on Sunday May 25th. Will be leaving from "Yella Beak" lot in Enumclaw at 11:30am.
  snowtrek  Please help with my 86 Bronco II (2 Replies)
Ok I have been reading all kinds of stuff online about this problem but I have not found any solutions to it yet.. I've got a 1986 Ford Bronco II with the 2.9 v6 and it keeps shutting off on me after driving it for a while.. Let me try to explain what it's doing and then I'll list what I've replaced. Ok now it'll start up fine, I can take off in it and drive for about 9 or 10 miles then it'll start sputtering and bucking real bad like it's ru...

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