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MotorWeek | Retro Review: '84 Ford Bronco II
07:17 min | 34,808 views

Many a good time shared in one of these.

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    no idle 85 bronco 2
i have an 85 bronco 2 2.8l 5 speed with overdive. when i will start it , it take a while for it to seem like get gas to it but eventually it will and when starts up it wont stay running untiil it gets warm and it takes for ever to get warm . i can make it saty running by working the clutch when driving .could it be maybe the choke not working right? i have pulled this old hunting truck out of the woods that sat up for a year i still have problem...
    Snow plow on a B2???
Just wondering if ne1 has tried it... I have a 6' plow that came off a Blazer that Im thinking of putting on one of my B2s, I would need to fab mounts to mate the plow onto the truck but I work in metal fab so thats not an issue, Im just curious how well it might push. The B2 has a durasparked 2.8, 30" tires, 5 speed, does very well in the deep snow by itself.
    1990 BII not shifting
I have a1990 Bronco ll that I just bought. The problem is I'm not getting anything when I try to shift into any gear. Guy I bought it from said his mechanic said its probably not a transmission problem. Thinks something broke inside transfer case. I'm wondering if it could just be transfer case motor. Any ideas to what else to try?
    1990 Bronco II -1992 Rangaer
I have a 1990 BII with some issues. Just wonderin if the 92 Ranger is for the most part interchangeable with my Bronco (engine, trans., transfer case, interior) I know the Ranger has the same engine and they're both automatics. I can't get much info from the guy selling the Ranger
    B2 Brush/grill guard
Does anybody make brush guards for the B2 anymore ? ?For the last B2 I had many moons ago I got a nice one from JC Whitney,but they no longer have them.
    31s on an 89
I have read every post about tire size on here and what I've learned is ... You can run this size,you can't run this size,can run them without lift,you need lift,trim fenders,don't have to trim fenders ... Soooo,I have an 89 xlt,no lift,stock rims but probably gonna get new rims and my question is - can I run,safely,31s on my B2 ??? Please,anyone with a stock,no lift running 31s let me know. Thanks a million, Chris

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