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  snowtrek  engine swap (3 Replies)
will 3.0L bolt to 2.9L bell housing?
  snowtrek  Security protection - Automotive Brake Systems (0 Replies)
Strengthen the service brake system security are closely linked, and some drivers out of their own security seriously, want to replace or increase the brake disc or replace the brake calipers and the like. It was also to increase the braking effect, a strong braking force to replace the caliper (such as the four-piston calipers), since the power of the hydraulic piston is quite large, and if the disc does not the brake hose to be strengthened, in...
  snowtrek  Bronco weatherstripping (1 Replies)
I am having trouble finding a weatherstripping kit for the doors of my 86 bronco II. Can anyone help me out or know of a place/website I can order a kit from. Thanks for the time
  snowtrek  Parking brake light and rear anti-lock light stayi... (2 Replies)
I got into the bronco yesterday, started her up and released the parking brake however the light didn't go off and neither did the rear anti-lock light. The parking brake light wasn't as bright as it was when the brake was engaged. The brakes are not sticking, as it rolls freely in neutral. Brake fluid level is full...any other ideas?
  snowtrek  battery not charging (25 Replies)
hey guys, ive got an 89 b2 with the 2.9 v6. i had my alternator checked, its ok. with the b2 off, the battery reads 11.7, when the b2 is running its putting out 12.4. any ideas what would be bad??????
  snowtrek  Please help!!! (14 Replies)
I've got an 86 Bronco II and I was driving it today and it started chugging then it just died. When I let it sit for awhile I was able to start it but when I gave it gas would die again. Well I turned key on and pumps turned on but when I checked Pressure Regulator, it had air coming out and no fuel. I climbed under the truck and cracked open the container that fuel filter is in and let some fuel leak out.. Well it started and I drove it 15 minut...

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