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GreenAcres 4July2010
9.78 min. | 5.0 rating | 2181 views

highlight reel of our clayton oklahoma, greenacres trip. Arrived 2july10 and left the afternoon of 4july10. Was a very cool place. My truck is the bronco II truggy, and the ZJ is my friend. The rest of the people were from KORE4X4 in Tulsa.

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  snowtrek  My 85 bronco ll (0 Replies)
Hello, This my project 85 bronco ll my brother bought it in Colorado Springs, CO. like two years ago. With 0 rust. Factory paint, She had the 2.8 liter v6 but I decided to swap a 4.0 out of a 93 explorer I used the front end, dash, the rear end it's from an 99 explore with disc brakes and 4.10 gears, 3" body lift and 2" leveling kit. 18" fuel black wheel with Bridgestone duelers.
  snowtrek  I Need some Info. (2 Replies)
Is there anyone out there that may have a 2.9L Block lying about. I need to find some information on 2.9L Cam bearing journals. I would love a couple of photos shat showed the cam bearing removed from a block. Ya see I may have missed a bad move on the previous owner side when it came to cam bearings on my engine. I was looking at the #2 Cam bearing journal today and noticed the oil hole in that bearing did not line up with a hole or slot. There...
  snowtrek  Please help!!! (8 Replies)
I've got an 86 Bronco II and I was driving it today and it started chugging then it just died. When I let it sit for awhile I was able to start it but when I gave it gas would die again. Well I turned key on and pumps turned on but when I checked Pressure Regulator, it had air coming out and no fuel. I climbed under the truck and cracked open the container that fuel filter is in and let some fuel leak out.. Well it started and I drove it 15 minut...
  snowtrek  Duratech (Cyclone) Engine Swap (1 Replies)
Has anybody done an engine swap with the Ford Duratec V6 engine line, like a 35 or 37? I would think one would have to also swap drive train componets as HP is somewhere aroung 100hp more than the 2.9L Colonge.
  snowtrek  B2 vent windows (3 Replies)
What parts are needed to remove vent window and install a one piece glass?
  snowtrek  Spindle Nut Tool. (1 Replies)
Hey there Boys and girls, Has anyone have knowledge of where to get the best deal on a 4 pronged spindle nut socket? I see lots of places where I can order one but of course nothing available locally. Oh can anyone confirm it is the 2 3/8 4 prong socket.

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