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Snowtrek.org - Snow wheelin - Hangover Run 2006
4.58 min. | 5.0 rating | 7397 views

http://www.snowtrek.org http://www.BroncoII4x4.com Hangover Run 2006 - V8 Ford Bronco II 4x4 four wheeling in 5 feet of snow, going around chevys and jeeps.

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  snowtrek  replacement seats (2 Replies)
I have a 1989 ford bronco 2 xlt model and need to replace the front seats. can anyone tell me what a good aftermarket seat would be that is reasonable in price and easy to put in? my bronco is for work purposes don't need fancy stuff, just durable. thanks. robert
  snowtrek  lose of power (16 Replies)
Does an 84 B2 4x4 have a second fuel filter besides the one at the carb. I've been told it does by several people but have yet to find it. Anyone know for sure? Mine is spitting and sputtering back thru the carb until it gets warm. Then it idles fine but feels like I'm dragging and anchor. But not all the time. Sometimes it runs fine. Almost sounds like it's missing when it's struggling. Hard to tell with the mudders rolling tho. I've cha...
  snowtrek  broken t-case (5 Replies)
Hi! I'm new here-have owned early Broncos since 1974 but just recently bought an '87 Bronco ll for a grand daughter. Her dad and I have gone through it and thought it was ready for a road trip. Last thing was new tires last week. She drove up to Flagstaff form Phoenix and said it made a noise she had never heard before as she turned down my street. She couldn't describe it. I found the power steering low and thought that was it. Next day sh...
  snowtrek  New to site, questions (4 Replies)
Ok I'm a great fabricater, not so great on computer, so I'm sure it's on here some wear ,but I'll ask any way. I have an 84 b2 I have a77 f150 frame running gear c6 ,transfer case, and a 351 w. I'm wanting to cut frame to fit b2 body . Has anybody here done this? Any help suggestions would be greatly appreciated . This will be a toy/ daily driver,I drive a dodge dully and fuel and mileage are killing me,but I have to have it for towing at times....
  snowtrek  4x4 issues (7 Replies)
Bought me a Eddie Bauer bronco 2 it has automatic lock in with push button 4x4 switch. The lights come on as if 4x4 is locked in and the front drive shaft spins but doesn't lock in the front diff. Any ideas what's going on here guys? Thanks
  snowtrek  Please help with my 86 Bronco II (4 Replies)
Ok I have been reading all kinds of stuff online about this problem but I have not found any solutions to it yet.. I've got a 1986 Ford Bronco II with the 2.9 v6 and it keeps shutting off on me after driving it for a while.. Let me try to explain what it's doing and then I'll list what I've replaced. Ok now it'll start up fine, I can take off in it and drive for about 9 or 10 miles then it'll start sputtering and bucking real bad like it's ru...

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