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elbe bronco 2 mud hole
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  snowtrek  I Need some Info. (0 Replies)
Is there anyone out there that may have a 2.9L Block lying about. I need to find some information on 2.9L Cam bearing journals. I would love a couple of photos shat showed the cam bearing removed from a block. Ya see I may have missed a bad move on the previous owner side when it came to cam bearings on my engine. I was looking at the #2 Cam bearing journal today and noticed the oil hole in that bearing did not line up with a hole or slot. There...
  snowtrek  Spindle Nut Tool. (1 Replies)
Hey there Boys and girls, Has anyone have knowledge of where to get the best deal on a 4 pronged spindle nut socket? I see lots of places where I can order one but of course nothing available locally. Oh can anyone confirm it is the 2 3/8 4 prong socket.
  snowtrek  Got a 4.0 (7 Replies)
Well looks like I got a 4.0L to put in the Old Girl. It's the SOHC. Gonna do the Duff longarm kit at the same time. Been doing a lot of training in Sacramento lately so it's gonna be a couple months before I get to it. Gonna take the rearend also and I hope the gears are the same. I'll do a new post while I do it.
  snowtrek  Electrolysis Tank (4 Replies)
I must be getting old but I could have sworn I posted some info here recently about Electrolysis and rust removal. I looked but it must have been my imagination.. This ties right in with my 2.8 Piston project. To make a long story short the 2.9 short block and crank I recently purchased are getting a good washing and cleaning. The crank had been stored in a unheated building and had a rust coating in places. A main and a couple of rod journals...
  snowtrek  Wheels (1 Replies)
Using 7in. X 15in. wheel. What center hole size is needed to fit over a DANA 35 hub?
  snowtrek  Mig Gas (5 Replies)
I think I'm going to buy a gas bottle for me 110 wire feed welder. What % argon should I get, and what size bottle would you recommend? Should I stick with .035 for exhaust work?(16 guage)

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