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Snow Wheeling - January 2012
12:33 min | 9,645 views

http://www.snowtrek.org The snow level finally came down low enough to make a snow wheeling run up the Boardman Lake road. Unfortunately the cold weather didn't hold, and we got some heavy rain the night before. The result was 4+ feet of slush that turned to water as we drove on it. We stopped along the way to repair a flat tire and dig out a toyota that was stuck up there. The owner was able to get it the next day. Took a short snowshoe walk into Lake Evan and snapped a quick panorama. Overall it was another fun snow wheeling trip, even if the conditions weren't the best. This video was filmed with a GoPro Hero2 at 720p.

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  snowtrek  My blog (1 Replies)
Hola, este es mi blog, prácticamente acaba de nacer y necesita visitas. Espero que guste Se que es una locura, hacerse hueco en internet, pero si lo visitáis todos igual consigo que google me tenga en cuenta jjj. Muchas gracias en cualquier caso. Y sobretodo por permitirme entrar en vuestro grupo
  snowtrek  '88 Bronco II with Gremlins (3 Replies)
Hi I just purchased a 1988 BroncoII 4x4. Its giving me hell. I drove it roughly a month when I developed what I believed was a fuel issue. I replaced both fuel filters, both fuel pumps, ignition coil, plugs, wires & ignition module under distributor. The original issue was it was just dying while driving. This then turned into it would turn over but not crank. This ended up causing a drained battery so I replaced it too. After wearing my pati...
  snowtrek  my first bll and im lost (1 Replies)
Need help I have an 85 b2 and its had a 5 speed swap done to it before I bought it and now the tranny went out so I ended up with a m50d r1 but I can't use any of it so I'm out that money I can't find anybody to buy it now here's my real problem I can't afford to have my tk5 rebuilt I live in southern Oregon and not only are b2s and there parts next to impossible to find here they want between 1,000 and 1,400 to rebuild mine lol no freaking way. ...
  snowtrek  trim around rear side windows (9 Replies)
I'm new to the B2 world - 1984 4x4 POS LOL can anyone tell me where i can get the trim around the rear side stationary glass windows? the idiot that had it before i got my hands on it took them off and lost a few sections of it please help
  snowtrek  1987 b2 leafspring swap!! (1 Replies)
I have a 1987 4x4 B2 The question what year of a ranger or explorer can I swap leafsprings with? Not trying to lift the bronco but I know it will because my leaf springs are old and saggy. Just want to put some in from a junkyard and have my bronco driving nice again
  snowtrek  Spark plugs (6 Replies)
Which spark plugs and heat range would you use for a stock 84. I drive mostly on highway. Its starting to miss some, so time for a change.

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