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elbe bronco 2 mud hole
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  snowtrek  4x4 issues (7 Replies)
Bought me a Eddie Bauer bronco 2 it has automatic lock in with push button 4x4 switch. The lights come on as if 4x4 is locked in and the front drive shaft spins but doesn't lock in the front diff. Any ideas what's going on here guys? Thanks
  snowtrek  Please help with my 86 Bronco II (4 Replies)
Ok I have been reading all kinds of stuff online about this problem but I have not found any solutions to it yet.. I've got a 1986 Ford Bronco II with the 2.9 v6 and it keeps shutting off on me after driving it for a while.. Let me try to explain what it's doing and then I'll list what I've replaced. Ok now it'll start up fine, I can take off in it and drive for about 9 or 10 miles then it'll start sputtering and bucking real bad like it's ru...
  snowtrek  Hitch (1 Replies)
Will a Ranger hitch work on a Bronco II? If so any there any specific years? I'm wanting to find one at the junk yard if I can. Finial question how hard is it to install one on the Bronco II? There is not much room to between the frame and the gas tank.
  snowtrek  Whats wrong in this picture? (1 Replies)
I often tell people to not just believe a part is A OK just because it is supposedly new. Like the late Great Ronald Regan would say "Trust But Verify". The same goes for repair shops. In 2001 The War Department's F150 was at about 85000 miles and It had not had a Major service since new. We decided at that time to let the dealer do it all as they were supposed to know what they were doing and I was working 10 to 12 hrs a day and had n...
  snowtrek  84 Bronco 2 singing the blues (5 Replies)
I am at a total lost as to the problem with my (R) passenger side rear tail light. It worked fine for a long time, and just all of a sudden stopped working. I am no dummy but this has got me stumped. All lights work except the right rear stop/turn signal light. The front flashes just fine, no problems with the left side. I pulled every fuse and did a check, all good, checked all bulbs again all good. Replaced the flasher unit just to be sa...
  snowtrek  New to site, questions (2 Replies)
Ok I'm a great fabricater, not so great on computer, so I'm sure it's on here some wear ,but I'll ask any way. I have an 84 b2 I have a77 f150 frame running gear c6 ,transfer case, and a 351 w. I'm wanting to cut frame to fit b2 body . Has anybody here done this? Any help suggestions would be greatly appreciated . This will be a toy/ daily driver,I drive a dodge dully and fuel and mileage are killing me,but I have to have it for towing at times....

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