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    86 bronco ii wiring harness
I have a 1986 bronco ii xlt 2.9 l v6 4wd that I had the engine blow up. Im replacing it with a 90 ranger thats identical and I am looking for a "new" wiring harness to replace the one the previous owner "customized" Do you know where I could find a wiring harness? i'm thinking my best bet is a pick n pull. Also, could you tell me what wiring harness' are identical? Thanks!
    4x4 shifter after body lift
I put a 3in body lift on my '89 bronco II,now the 4x4shifter is so close to the floor its a pain to shift.Whats the best way to get it back up tall and proud ? ?
would the throw out bearing make the clutch slip out of gear?
    1989 bronco ii loosing power after warm up
After getting to temp It looses some power No smoke it does miss a little It idles good Never dies It does have an exaust leak on the passenger side I am able to reach 4 to 5000 rpm's New complete tune up Can it be fixed or should i sell it
    Spark plugs
Which spark plugs and heat range would you use for a stock 84. I drive mostly on highway. Its starting to miss some, so time for a change.
    Snow plow on a B2???
Just wondering if ne1 has tried it... I have a 6' plow that came off a Blazer that Im thinking of putting on one of my B2s, I would need to fab mounts to mate the plow onto the truck but I work in metal fab so thats not an issue, Im just curious how well it might push. The B2 has a durasparked 2.8, 30" tires, 5 speed, does very well in the deep snow by itself.

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